We inspire children to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world.



The school provides children with a learning focussed education in a secure, caring and fun-loving environment which enables them to reach their full social, academic, cultural and sporting potential.


Aims and Ideals

Our founding aim is an international private primary school that is an integrated and united representation of the various cultural and linguistic groups residing within the Black River region of Mauritius.


We aim to promote discipline, spiritual awareness and respect for cultural diversity – whilst remaining non-denominational – so children can develop awareness, tolerance and sensitivity towards others.  Through the development of personal moral and ethical values, each child will possess a sense of responsibility for their own behaviour and the wellbeing of others.  By developing the values of compassion and respect, the school aims to teach learners to be tolerant of customs and beliefs different to their own.


Academic performance alone has shown to be a poor indicator of future happiness and success in life.  The school embodies a holistic approach to a child’s learning and development in accordance with the most important recent research findings.  A cornerstone of this philosophy is providing children with the skills and tools for coping with life’s many challenges in the 21st century.


We believe in providing our children with a warm and caring environment in which each child, through an enriched and broad curriculum, will develop an imaginative and enquiring mind. Through this sense of enquiry, we hope to enable each learner to acquire the skills necessary for an ever-changing world.


Through successful relationships and established programmes between school, home and the community, we aim to provide children with a global outlook whilst being aware of local socio-cultural and environmental concerns.  Our children are environmentally conscious and sensitive to the importance of caring for our world, including the island they live on.  Children are introduced to “green” awareness from an early age to establish a foundation for understanding the importance of a sustainable world.


The teacher-student ratio is maintained to allow for the identification of the needs of each child, and an approach and pace of teaching tailored towards meeting these individual needs.


We believe that our children, through these values, will be well prepared to graduate as global citizens of tomorrow.


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