Our shared vision for all learners at WIPS



The IPC personal goals are integral to everything we do at WIPS and are the foundation for our vision, mission and core values. These goals help shape the teaching and the learning, as well as guiding the behaviour and attitudes of our learners.




I can empathise with the emotions and experiences of others





I show respect for the needs of other people, living things and the environment





I keep trying even if the task is challenging





I can ask relevant questions and plan investigations related to the unit





I know how to communicate my thoughts, feelings and ideas using a variety of techniques depending on the audience


I reflect on what I have learned and how I can learn from others


I am able to work with others in a group to undertake activities and achieve a target

Moral Values

I can make good choices and know the consequences of my actions


I can develop a range of strategies to cope with unfamiliar situations confidently

The IPC personal goals are the foundation on which our vision is based.



Our vision is our dream for our learners and should inspire our community. It is what we strive and work for every day.

To inspire learners to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world.



Our mission is our driving force to achieve our potential, to realise our vision.


The school provides children with a learning focussed education in a secure, caring and fun-loving environment which enables them to reach their social, academic, cultural and sporting potential.


Core Values

Our values, along with the personal goals, are the guiding principles which help us create a positive learning environment and prepare confident and successful learners, who prosper and contribute as respectful members of a global community.

  • We care – We care about ourselves and are compassionate towards others in our school and community.
  • We are respectful – We cooperate with others and respect the different points of view in the group. We show respect for our classroom, the school and the environment around us.
  • We embrace individuality – We celebrate the unique potential of every learner and provide an inclusive environment which encourages personal achievement.
  • We are internationally minded – We see ourselves as part of a global community and value the world as a context for learning. We express appreciation for the beliefs and cultures of others and celebrate the ways in which we are similar and different.


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