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Welcome to Westcoast International Primary School, an English-medium private school located on the scenic west coast of Mauritius.


We recognise and support individual development needs, and provide a positive learning environment which is conducive to children's academic and social progress.  Westcoast is able to accomplish this through a comprehensive and systematic approach to the way knowledge is delivered, received and assessed.


The philosophy behind our methods is rooted in the creation of a low-stress, positive environment in which children are free to express themselves and their opinions, ideas, feelings and needs.  We are proud to call this a “student-centred” environment.


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Download our School Regulations.


School Regulations (PDF)



Vision – We inspire children to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world.

Mission - The school provides children with a learning focussed education in a secure, caring and fun-loving environment which enables them to reach their full social, academic, cultural and sporting potential.


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Westcoast International Primary School is set on four acres of land in a breath-taking location, surrounded by mountains and sugar cane fields with a direct view of the Indian Ocean.


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Uniform is compulsory and children are expected to take pride in their appearance. The style of our uniform reflects the Mauritian climate and lifestyle as well as providing protection from the sun.


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At Westcoast we recruit teaching staff who understand the aims and ideals of the school.


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