Language, Art and Music



As an English-medium school Westcoast aims to ensure a high standard of English as the core language. Other than in foreign language classes, English is the language of communication and instruction.


A strong French department has been set up to work and fully integrate across functions and levels.  Streaming within the French department recognises the needs of native and advanced French speakers through to beginners.  A specific ideal of the school is for all children to leave the school at ease and comfortable with both languages.


Students have one Music lesson per week. They are taught music theory and are given the opportunity to play a variety of music instruments (ranging from guitar, keyboard and drums; to smaller instruments, like the tambourine and maracas).


Students have one Art lessons per week. They are taught the basic principles of colour mixing, perspective and dimension. Although art is part of the broader curriculum, it greatly assists children to realize their individuality in creativity. Diversity and originality are encouraged through the mediums of painting and drawing.


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