Fees and Registration



Fee Structure 2018


Registration fee*

Rs 3,000


Enrolment fee*

Mauritian nationals*** - Rs 35,000
Expatriates - Rs 50,000


Refundable deposit

Equivalent to three months' school fees.


Monthly fees**

Mauritian nationals*** - Rs 10,200

Expatriates - Rs 14,500

* Registration and enrolment fees are one-off and non-refundable.

** School fees are inclusive of text books, use of equipment and annual fees for stationery and swimming.

*** Mauritian nationals include any children with at least one parent holding a Mauritian passport.




School fee payment in advance benefits from a discount:

- Annual payment: 7% discount

- Termly payment: 1% discount


Sibling enrolment discount:

- As of the school's 2014 intake, a discount of 10% (second child) and 20% (third and subsequent children) applies to enrolment fees only.



  • School fees are to be paid in advance by the start of each month, term or year (depending on your choice of instalment). We work on a 12 month basis. Monthly payment: due on or before the third day of the month.
  • Termly payment: due on or before 3 January (four months'fees), 3 May (four months'fees) and 3 September (four months'fees)
  • Annual payment: due on or before 3 January


For reconciliation purposes, please put down the child's name as the beneficiary when transferring funds or setting up a standing order, and fax or email proof of payment to the school. Cash lodgments are not permitted.



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